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Welcome to the Universe of Hive, Queen and Country. HQC is Victorian Science Fiction; “Steampunk” may not be the exact term but it will do for a general idea of what goes on here. Below are some of the basic ideas of this fictional setting.

What would have happened if space travel was an economic reality in 1880? What if the Victorians had colonized the inner solar system? What if they were not alone?

Hive, Queen and Country is designed to provide a playground, a detailed and deadly one, for roleplaying gamers interested in an altered Victorian Science Fiction setting. With information on Earth, Mars, Venus and the Moon gamemasters and players will very likely find some place within the Solar System that provides the type of adventure setting they most enjoy. The Great Powers, The British Empire, a French Empire with a Napoleon on the throne, German States still in a Confederation and the Iberians united with Brazil vie for control of vast resources and ancient and alien technology.

Please feel free to add to this setting. Explorers and their ideas are always welcome.

This setting has been evolving for several years: first on some general gaming lists, then for the last two and a half years here. Many extremely sharp and talented people have contributed to one of the most detailed Victorian gaming and fiction settings available. Hopefully many more people will enjoy the setting through this web page and some will add their own ideas.

Terry Sofian

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