Demo at Game Club HQ-thanks for inviting me!

As I mentioned I ran a demo game at Game Club in Fenton Missouri today. I had a number of players cycle through the event usually having two players on each side. The British had two companies of Royal Marine Light Infantry, one of British Army Infantry, all mounted in carriers. In support was a Royal Engineer fighting vehicle, three Mk I landships and a pair of Royal Artillery 5 inch howitzer carriers.

The Bugs had about a dozen Bikes of various shapes and sizes of nasty critters, but no flyers.

It was a meeting engagement on Dartmoor, so terrain needs were limited. A number of roads and hedges crisscrossed the table and a small village stood at the central crossroads.

Each side started at a table edge and had a mission to clear the area of enemy forces.

The hedges blocked line of site so long range artillery fire was prevented. The aliens resolutely marched across the table attempting to reach the British and bring them to melee. For their part the British forces had some early confusion and after initially attempting to race into contact with their enemy instead chose to form a battle line and let the invaders come to them. By the time they had finally decided upon this course of action it was nearly too late, with the enemy being extremely close. The Royal Engineers vehicle was quickly overrun and destroyed by Major Crabs and bombers. On the left flank the company of infantry was engaged in a melee with a unit of Media lancers and another of minor lancers.

By firing and retiring the British force was able to slowly back off the table, with the exception of the company in melee. British loses were otherwise light, while the aliens had several units entirely wiped out and suffered a disproportionate number of drone loses. By the end of the action four bikes had lost all their drones, one routed, one was torpid and two had run amok.

It seemed like folks had a pretty good time and the Game club event was pretty well attended.

As I observed the action I believe that several tactical hints would be valuable to players. First for the Bug player. Use terrain as much as possible to block your units from fire. When breaking cover have as many units as possible break at the same time, presenting a vast array of targets and preventing the British player from concentrating fire on any single unit. Position drones so that they may control multiple units if drone casualties are heavy. Screen high value units with minors, so that the British are forced to fire on the less threatening small fry and can’t get good shots on the large aliens until too late.

For the British get into position to start shooting early and shoot as often as is possible. Position heavy weapons so that they can fire early and often. Don’t mask your own fire by poor unit placement. Either get to terrain features usable as defensive positions or just get your firing lines set up and wait for the enemy. But the key for the British is shoot.

Game Club seems an excellent event. I was made welcome and their staff worked very hard to make sure that attendees are challenged by games and not by the event. I look forward to going back.


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