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Bug Miniatures-GFI Miniatures review

The Sword and the Hive is a set of miniatures rules and even when I role play I tend to have figures on the table. This means that miniatures are important to this setting. Many years ago Scott Flower and I developed a line of Bug figures when his company Game Tech was still up and running. We just felt that great big bugs would be fun to game with, what has now matured into HQC was just a few random thoughts in notebooks and posts to various lists. I did some of the design and kit bashed some masters. Scott re-sculpted them into usable miniatures and made RTV moulds. He also designed a few of the bugs from scratch. Together we produced about a dozen figures all told, but sadly we really never got them into commercial production. After years of looking round I finally was able to get the figs in production with Game Figures, Inc. Tom Dye has done a great job bring the minis out. I’ll review the figs now (this is not at all an unbiased review-let me say that right up front) First let’s cover the two Lancer’s a Minor one and a Media one. The minor comes in a pack of 4 for 9.95. It requires assembly but is very easy to put together. The Media lancer is a bit tougher to build but is far larger; you get three in a pack, again for 9.95. Both lancers look the part of scary rapidly moving critters. The Chopper and Shooter figs use the same basic structure and both have three models (requiring assembly) per pack. These miniatures tend to be a bit fragile when assembled, but can be restored quickly. I always bring a bit of super glue out to events for quick repairs. The Large and Small crabs are some of the best looking bugs. Scott designed the large crab from scratch. They both assembly easily. Just make certain you have a good surface on which to glue the tail of the large crab. Both paint up very well. The Mantis is based on the same idea as the smaller crab and is also easy to built. All of these come with three bugs in a pack for 9.95. Scott also deigned The Worker, a more generic fellow which has three models in the pack. These creatures have fore limbs designed for manipulation rather than hunting and killing. Finally there is the ant, which can be used as a small worker or a small trapper in the HQC universe. The figures are all workmanlike. They may not be up to the current state of the art standard for the industry but they look great on the game table and are priced reasonably. You can put together a scary looking horde without selling a kidney. We hope to put a flying bug out soon. The original wings were vac formed and that has been a problem in terms of scaling up. Look for the flying lancer soon. Game Figures also produces a giant scorpion, a giant beetle and another giant Bug in their fantasy lines. The giant Beetle makes a great Major Trapper if its head is cut and placed in a small resin crater. The giant scorpion can be a Super Major Crab or Crusher if the stinger is removed.

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