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Evil Gong Squidmen

In the HQC universe at least two alien races have been described. The most obvious are la seplurdi or “True Martians”. These intelligent creatures inhabit Mars (as could be guessed from their name). The Oonaliss on the other hand are a technologically advanced semi aquatic race. I’ve been toying with these guys for some time and have been torn between a froglike lineage and one from molusca. I ordered some East Riding Miniatures frogmen and some Evil Gong squidmen. The squids have arrived first and boy are they wonderful. The detail is nice and crisp, very little flash and they come in several poses. These are low tech land-squids with spears and clubs. they also have shields. The sculpting is good and the poses are animated like one would expect for such boneless creatures.

Obviously they have regressed from any starfaring days due to their long exile in the deadly seas of Venus. I look forward to painting these squidlets up, they should look really nice on the game table.

I will have to do charts and such for these strange creatures for The Sword and the Hive as soon as I get a chance.

I will post pictures there as soon as possible. Currently Evil Gong’s web page is down and undergoing revision. Their email address is still up on TMP http://theminiaturespage.com/man/evilgong/. David the Evil Brown responded very quickly to my email and the figs arrived from Australia very rapidly. I look forward to Evil Gong’s web page being re-erected and ordering more of these strange creatures.


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