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Ground Zero Games

Alright these guys don’t do any VSF (Yet, please oh please oh please). I bought a small number of their figures so I could do standard SF versus Bugs (there was a really cool book about this, which sadly has yet to be made into a film). I have some old Martian Metals Traveller grav vehicles so I figured with a few infantry guys I’d have a force that could fight the bugs using Dirt Side or something like that.

I have a large number of GZG 25mm figs that fit really well with Denizen and other true 25mm but decided I would pick up some of their 15mm as well. ¬†Service was excellent and so are the figures. They have some flash that needs to be removed but for the most part are fairly effortless. I haven’t finished painting them yet, but even a coat of spray primer brings out good details. The animation is nice and there is a vast selction of equipment and poses.

Again if you are looking for “standard” futuristic Sci Fi in 15mm GZG should be your first stop.

I forgot the coolest thing. In the robots set is a drone from Silent Running! Excellent

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