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Order antabuse online - Where to buy antabuse in canada

Alright these guys don’t do any VSF (Yet, please oh please oh please). I bought a small number of their figures so I could do standard SF versus Bugs (there was a really cool book about this, which sadly has yet to be made into a film). I have some old Martian Metals Traveller grav vehicles so I figured with a few infantry guys I’d have a force that could fight the bugs using Dirt Side or something like that.

I have a large number of GZG 25mm figs that fit really well with Denizen and other true 25mm but decided I would pick up some of their 15mm as well.  Service was excellent and so are the figures. They have some flash that needs to be removed but for the most part are fairly effortless. I haven’t finished painting them yet, but even a coat of spray primer brings out good details. The animation is nice and there is a vast selction of equipment and poses.

Again if you are looking for “standard” futuristic Sci Fi in 15mm GZG should be your first stop.

I forgot the coolest thing. In the robots set is a drone from Silent Running! Excellent

Order antabuse online - Where to buy antabuse in canada

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