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Khurasan Miniatures

Khurasan is known for 15mm historicals but they have begun to branch out into other realms. This includes 28mm Sci Fi and various 15mm efforts. I picked up 15mm figs from their Mystri island WW1 era lost world setting, one of their historical lines and the 28mm Sci Fi setting.

From Mysteri Island I bought their three personality figures, a female big game hunter in pants with an elephant gun and pistols, her British companion and a Germanic type fellow with an eye patch and a pistol. All three are very well sculpted and cast. The lizard men come in an assortment of poses and a number of turtle shell shields were included. these glued on easily and the effect of a couple of dozen cherging headlong looks fearsome.

From the 28mm range I bought alien arachnids (go figure). These were a bit fiddley to put together but once I got the method down assembled fairly well. You will need to drill out the holes for inserting various parts onto the main body. Once assembled they look pretty nice (perhaps nice is not the right word). Download the instructions from the web site. It makes assembly much more simple.

Good service and good products with more on the way


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