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Languages and scripts

I’ve added two links, one to the created language Lojban, the second to an artificial writing system called 12480. Alien cultures need there own languages. The la seplurdi, the very strange aliens discovered on Mars needed a language they could use to communicate with humans. After some querries Michael from my list suggested the created language Lojban. I believe he also located the created numbering/script system 12480.

The aliens use a number of communications methods when passing information between themselves but use lojban when communicating with their human slaves. All languages on Mars and Venus are derived from Lojban. This doesn’t mean a lojban speaker will be fluent in a language from Venus. In the thousands of years since Venus was abandoned by the aliens languages have changed. Consider the roots of English four thousand yars ago and how it is spoken today and the problems should be in perspective.


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