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M.Y. Miniatures

I ordered a number of miniatures from M.Y. Miniatures who offer some interesting lines of figures in 15mm. These include a large number of extinct animals, primitive tribesman and some fantasy elements. Some of the older figures are currently being re-sculpted. I’ll offer a quick review of their newer material.  The order arrived very quickly and service was excellent. Michael sent along a few extras which was extremely generous. Cost was reasonable and packing was good. One of the nicest pieces is a two pony wagon. The kit goes together well and the ponies look nice and shaggy. I haven’t painted this yet, but from the look of things this will be a nice kit and a useful addition. It will be good for any period from about 1700 on to WW2, depending upon who is placed in the seat. I was really looking forward to the Megatherium, or giant ground sloth. The figure is well cast, but seems a bit small-not as much mega as therium. On a personal note the pose of the animal reaching upwards with one of its huge forepaws doesn’t work for the use I had planned for it (as a mount for my Venusian Heavy shock cavalry). In terms of the animal and its lifestyle is a very good pose indeed. Another winner is their extinct Australian giant lizard. This could be a modern day Komodo Dragon. This figure is well animated and I particularly like the extended tongue as the beast tastes the air to seek its prey. The ground walking vultures are very nice and the cattle workmanlike and useful. I was also sent several additional figures for review, including some nice bears, a couple of sabre-tooth cats and an array of various pachyderms.

Another very cool item is the conning tower of a Japanese mini submarine. Just the thing for landing agents on teh American West coast!

Some of these are very nice and others appear to be some of the older castings, which aren’t up to M.Y.’s current standards. I look forward to doing business with M.Y. in the future.

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