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East Riding Miniatures

East Riding Miniatures does a range of extremely useful figures for 15mm. These include a variety of nice livestock useful for many periods as well as some well cast weapon fittings such as a 9 pdr QF gun and a Maxim machine gun, both on shielded pedestal mounts.

I ordered a fairly large number of farm animals and more than enough hounds for a large 15mm Fox Hunt. The sheep, cows, and pigs all look great and will provide the Hive with food for many new hivemembers! I also bought a number of frogmen warriors. I had been looking for amphibian tribesmen for the oceans of Venus. I’m still not certain if I want to go the frog route. Should I decide on frogs for Venus these will form the core of that army.

The castings are uniformly nice and scale well. They fill some gaps and are reasonably priced. Tony of ERM was extremely helpful. When the order was mysteriously delayed in transit he was in constant contact via email and provided excellent customer support. I look forward to filling out the herds and flocks of Cornwall, so that my alien invaders have something to eat!

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