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Splintered Light Miniatures

I ordered from Splintered Light Miniatures I think Sunday Night. The figures arrived TODAY. I only made a small order, just to see what their products are like. I had asked around the web and was uniformly told that their service is great and their miniatures matched that.

I was truly happy with both service and substance!

I only ordered five packs: Armed and unarmed starship crews, Terror Birds, Komodo Dragons and Lizardman Cavalry. All are excellent. The Terror Birds come in two poses and are well detailed. The lizardmen look fearsome riding bipedal dinosaurs. For spaceship crews the influence of Firefly seems to have landed with Splintered Light as it has so many other places. This isn’t a bad thing and the SLM sculpture has done very well indeed. I also really liked the Komodo Dragons. Now if they would just make Dr Quest and Race Bannon in 15mm I could game out one of my most favorite Hanna Barbarra cartoon adventures!

Actually I really hope that more prehistoric animals get added to the line (If a Megatherium showed up that I could use as a cavalry mount I would immediately order about 50 of them!)

Great work from a company that provides amazing service, great figures and reasonable pricing.

Keep it up!

Terry Sofian

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