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I placed a small order with Quick Reaction Force Miniatures a few days ago and postal strike or no postal strike it has arrived already! I had decided to sample a few things from a variety of their ranges. This included SF12 a Sci Fi Venus flytrap type plant. This comes in there versions, two waiting and one digesting. These are very nice and can serve in a variety of scales. In 6mm they could swallow small vehicles!

Three items from their dinosaur range (none of which are dinosaurs btw). Since in Hive, Queen and Country Venus has a lot of interesting creatures evolved from Mammal Like Reptiles I ordered a few packs of Placerias, and a pack each of Postosuchus and Cynodonts. The Cynodonts are a mated pair, a base with a few pups and a den. These are all workmanlike. The Placerias seem to have the dull looking expressions one would expect on soon to be extinct plant eaters. The Postoscuchus are large and have toothy grins. They look rather like enlarged iguanas with a dangerous smile.

I ordered a pack of MM12, male civilians in outdoor dress. I may be looking at a large number of these if I ever do a convention game of the Fall of Exeter. I’ll need mobs of terrified civilians  and these look good for the part.

Finally I ordered a pack of Australian Vickers teams and one of Vickers on mules. The firing teams are nice, but the two pack mules (one with gun the other with ammo boxes) are very nice indeed. A few more packs of them and I’ll have my Australian Light Horse Regiment totally complete and ready to defeat the Hive in Cornwall.

Nicely done and exceptional service given the strike.

Buy antabuse canada - Buy antabuse over counter

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