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Insectoid Invasion Thwarted


These are some pictures of a game we had at our house using the Hive and the Flame variant of The Sword and the Flame. The Bugs are from GFI. The British figures are from various sources, including GFI, Old Glory and Frontier. The vehicles either Thomas the Tank Engine toys or designs from my own imagination but sculpted by the Scott Flowers formerly of GameTech. Some of the photos give a good view of my occasionally mentioned gaming room.

The scenario was based on one designed by Alan Hamilton (and it will be available as part of the book when The Hive and the Flame is released) The British forces must hold the town and prevent the alien Hive from “harvesting” any of the livestock (to the Hive people are part of livestock). The Bugs just want to feast!

The peaceful English village waited at one end of the board, the bugs entered at the other. A river courses through the valley and a road follows it. The river is from Armorcast the roads from Adventure Terrain. Buildings are from the dollar store.

Initially the British defenses consisted of two companies of Royal Marines with bolt action rifles and two sections of Royal Marine Artillery with light field guns. Two large herds of sheep and a herd of swine were scattered across the valley in the path of the invaders.

The British player divided his two companies with one attempting to recover the livestock from the lower valley while the second company and the gun sections set up to defend the village and await reinforcements.

The bugs entered and began marching up the towards the food. On the right flank the bugs got held up in some rough terrain and half a company of Marines was able to escape back to the village. The other half company became trapped in the pig farm and was cut off. More and more bugs entered the fray. The British were forced into a totally defensive posture, unable to relieve the garrison of the pig farm and forced to meet the aliens with long range artillery and rifle fire.

The rescue train pulled into the station and the relief force began debussing, while refugees and livestock huddled in the station awaiting escape. The relief force of three infantry companies, two heavy landships, two light landships and two 1 pdr Pom Pom sections was slowly exited the train cars and hurried to defend the town.

The relief force arrived too late to help the garrison of the pig farm. Massive lancers tore through the hedges and overran the Marines. After fierce hand to hand combat the Marines and swine were slaughter.

This was to be the aliens’ only victory. The delay in the rough terrain and some early set backs due to casualties in the controlling drones slowed the Hive so much that the British were able to establish a strong defensive line and using firepower able to destroy the aliens as they moved forward. The aliens were forced back.

Photos were taken by myself and my wife.


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