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Irregular Miniatures Insectiods

The post just delivered a small order of figures from Irregular Miniatures. They now have a number of insectoid sculpts. Some are tool user with weapons, others have nothing but the dangerous appendages granted to them by evolution (or bioengineering, or an evil God’s dream).

First let’s handle the tool using fellows. In the 25mm a range of Spice Lice would prove dangerous adversaries for high tech human warriors. The online catalog shows several of the line troopers with various weapons. I am always looking for interesting unarmed arthropods to fill the ranks of The Hive (since they are dangerous enough without gifting them technology). I picked up the Spice Lice officers. These weren’t pictured. When the minis arrived they came in two poses. One has a pair of horns on the sides of its head while the second pose lacks the horns but has a third eye on a stalk protruding from its forehead. Both poses have a handgun of some sort clutched in their front claws. The guns can be removed with a moderate amount of surgery. Suitably modified they would make good drones or workers. With or without the gun the figures are nice. They are well animated and look fairly scary. Even though they don’t fit my particular and peculiar needs they are nice and the Spice Lice range has enough figures to make up a decent army. Well done!

The next figure I got was the “Cave Bug” are from the new 25mm  near future Sci Fi Bug Hunt/Invasion of the Bugs range. These guys a four legged figures, and no technology is apparent.  They are perfect for workers, even though most of the Hive have six or more legs. They would also make great larva if their legs were removed. They are a bit light on detail but the Scorpion Bug which are crisp and well detailed more than make up for the “rolly polly-ness” of the Cave Bugs. The Scorpion Bugs have two small claws on their front limbs and a long stinger tail. The tail could be removed to make these guys crabs or crushers, or perhaps media sized workers (Butchers would be well represented by these guys). There is also a giant spider (which in 25mm scales out to be 4-5 feet in length) called a spider bug.

ll in all these were nice figures and the service was excellent. The postage, even from the UK wasn’t terrible and the box arrived with laudable alacrity. Nice job and I have high hopes that both the Spice Lice and the Bug Hunting lines will breed additional figures that can be used for Hive Warriors, Workers and Drones or any other generalized bug warriors.

I look forward to seeing more good work from Irregular!

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