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I really haven’t been lazy!

I have known for a while that I’ve been neglecting this blog. I have been up to other things though! Firstly the Yahoo group has been insanely busy. The cultures and biology of Venus are shaping nicely and should provide challenges for people interested in killing big animals or in unravelling mysteries, or both!

More importantly, to the good folks at Black Pigeon Press, I’ve been working hard on drafting Stars of Empire, which will be the Role Playing version of everything that has been talked about for Hive, Queen and Country. It will paint a broad picture, but one with intense detail, about the altered Victorian era that I’ve imagined. It will use the Hacktastic Game engine from BPP. This is a very versatile engine, and so far the play-tests have done pretty well.

I haven’t had an RPG session against the Bugs yet, I’m trying to get characters down and the setting stabilized before I start feding humans to arthropods.

Again if anyone is interested in being part of all this check the links section and register for the Yahoo! group.

More soon, I hope