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The draft is coming along pretty well!

I took off a few vacation days last week and hung out at the coffee shop to write. This actually worked really well. there were few distractions and decent food. The only two sad things were: I gave up Caffeine in May and my favorite radio station CFUO, Classic 99.1 in St Louis went off the air. If I had been drinking caffeine and listening to glorious classical music the Role Playing game Stars of Empire would be finished, as well as several of the supplements (well maybe not)

I usually don’t need pure silence to write, some background noise is OK. Its hard to write at home though. Between the phone, the cats, the DVD player and everything else it can cause overload and at that point it is hard to stay focused.

When I go to the Coffee shop I bring just the references I think I’ll need, so I don’t look for one fact and end up walking down twisting lanes of knowledge for three hours (it happens all too often)

I should be well on the path to completion by my deadline for release in the first weekend in October.

I’ll try and keep folks posted more often