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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Yahoo Group Weekly Summary

This has been a crazy busy week. We’ve had a large number of threads and some of them have developed legs and run!
The trailer for the major motion picture Cowboys and Aliens was mentioned and several people on the list stated they are looking forward to its release
Speaking of releases the “Official” Stars of Empire release was at Game Nite in St Louis. It was a moderate success and a good first step to ruling the Steampunk/VSF gaming world
I requested initial submissions for the Venus Source book and Don fired one back. I need to read that in detail and get back to him
There was a major discussion of the use of aerolyth rockets as weapons of war, which indicates that they would be very high velocity but the extreme temperature of the exhaust as well as the high voltage needed to ignite the engine are both serious drawbacks to tactical use. For strategic defense against large flyers or for coastal defense they might be possible
As the game begins to sell the development of additional character templates was discussed, centering upon Law Enforcement types for use across the Solar System
Another thread that was very active and morphed a bit as well was one asking what people thought were the Victorian period stories that most needed to be made into films. Kipling and Rider Haggard seemed to have the most stories to make the list. This thread then became one about various poems and ballads that could be set to music. From there we discussed the units in the British Army with aerial missions and their official marches
Ideas for the title and covers of the Venus source book were discussed and the title has been chosen and the idea for the graphics roughed out
The technology of the Sea Kings vessels is being explored and the various ways to harness wind power and being hashed out
The fate of Mexico in HQC is now being determined. It looks like by 1890 it will be a hot bed of revolution and intrigue

So what the heck is Stars of Empire?

Stars of Empire is a role playing game in which the Victorian Powers have discovered space flight and are striking out across the vast
darkness of interplanetary space. As they explore frontiers on Earth, Luna Mars and Venus they encounter transplanted populations of
humans, ancient and terrible alien races and ferocious exotic beasts, until 1892 each considered the other Great Powers to be
their biggest rivals. It was in that year The Hive broke free in Devon and threatened more than just the balance of power on Earth.
The Hive put the very existence of mankind at stake.
Stars of Empire is a stand alone game book. It contains the core role playing rules, based on Black Pigeon Press’ Hacktastic system
and a detailed and dangerous universe setting. The Victorian in Our Time Line was a period of exploration and scientific achievement,
military conflict and colonial conquest and social upheaval. In Stars of Empire aerial and space travel have been cleverly grafted into this historical fabric. Players will be able to interact on not only Earth but other worlds as well.
Mars is home to a race of ancient aliens, powerful dangerous and unpredictable to the minds of men. Their true powers and purposes are shrouded in mystery. It is know that for many thousands of years they have harvested humans from Earth for use as slaves. With this human workforce Mars has been transformed from a lifeless rock into a tropical greenhouse of a world. Venus, beneath its thick atmosphere is a strange mix of dark basalt plains and humid cloud forests.
Rules include character generation, combat and detailed sections allowing characters to develop engineering projects, scientific theories or inventions

Stars of Empire release event goes well

I’d like to thank Chris for letting us hang out at Game Nite in South County Mall. Paul Daly was present to hold the banner for artists and we had a great afternoon saying hello to fans and old friends. We had a pretty steady stream of folks for a couple of hours and Chris’ store was packed with gamers looking over his excellent stock. Some steampunk color was provided by The Living History Company who managed to get a half dozen or so people into costume.

Feedback was quite good and folks seemed truly impressed with the book and the artwork in particular. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Topics in the last week included a discussion how waves on Venus would interact with the Basalt landmasses to form dark sand beaches. Motley developed a number of interesting images that showed these beaches in typical Venusian light conditions and one at light illuminated by postulated luminescent sea life. The images are excellent an evocative of Venus.

The basic nature of aerolyth was again discussed and it was determined that at the 49,000 Newton force level it does provide enough lift for vehicles without allowing overpowering vessels to be easily constructed. Liners are quite possible but heavily armored aerial battleships aren’t.

The development of a separate aerial service for the Imperial Armed forces was brought up, as well as a discussion of how the aerial forces of the Royal Navy might be partitioned.

There was mention of period theories of lunar affects on human behavior and if that might be correct in the game world and what that would mean on other planets.

Aerolyth production in the USA got some treatment as the three main production areas were fleshed out a bit. The New York based Aerolyth Company of America was first mentioned.

The Venusian Sea Kings have ben a hot topic as their religious political structure has begun to take shape. They are ruled by a God King chosen from the highest status families by trial by combat. They are extremely blood thirsty but will accept tribute, at least initially.

Food on the various worlds will differ and this discussion has transformed into thoughts on the genetic engineering of humans by the la selpurdi to be immune to most diseases and to not suffer from auto immune diseases like allergies.

One last note was the Stars of Empire has begun to ship and hopefully folks will have it in their hands shortly.