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Mega Minis Review

This review is a bit late. I got these figures several months ago and just haven’t taken the time to write the review.

is there a cheaper version of allegra d First service was excellent. I even had to make a special order to get the number of figures I wanted and the folks at Mega Miniatures were most accommodating! Their pricing is very good and their shipping times short.

I initially ordered an assortment of figures from a couple of their lines. I Picked up some ground sloths and Chalicotherium from the animals line and a Bloodsucking Demon and a Night Creature from the Monsters line. All the figs were well cast. I liked the Chalicotherium so much I ordered another 50, so i could mount a regiment upon them for use with The Hive and the Flame, since some Venusian heavy cavalry is mounted on giant ground sloths. The 25mm Chalicotherium make really nice 15mm Megatherium or ground sloths. the Bloodsucking Demon is fairly large in 15mm but might suffice as a Supra Major bug of some sort. The Night Creature is extremely creepy and would be a great addition to any world that needs scary fauna. They also have a number of giant insects that could do service during The Hive War as various workers or warriors. These include scorpions, ladybugs and ants. The flies probably won’t be of much use but the other three can either stand in for any number of castes or can be modified into specific types of Hive members.

I really recommend that folks look into Mega Minis if they need affordable figs that will look good on the tabletop.

Terry Sofian