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Teslacon Review by Shannon Sofian

Sorry it’s late.

cheap viagra cialis levitra Having just returned from Teslacon in Madison, WI, I can say it was an
amazing ride!

There were SO many fantastic things about this con, from all the
little details that make up a good immersion experience (passports
instead of badges, being announced at the ball, the service in the tea
room), to the grand events that entirely blew me away.

Some of my favorite memories:

– The Elegant Wonderland Rococo Salon on Friday Night – what can I say
about this? Elegant petit fours, champagne, excellent beer from local
brewery Ale Asylum, hilarity with multiple new friends, etc. etc. We
shut the room down at 130am and would have stayed longer!

Eli August Performance on Friday Night – I’ve been following Eli
August since the Fermata days and looked forward to seeing a live
performance. They didn’t disappoint. Wonderful, wonderful and FUN set.
Serious THRASHING on the upright bass by Mike Darnell. Also, the
nicest people ever. Glad they were selling CDs there and they appeared
to sell quite a few.

Entering the con for registration – we didn’t just walk up to a table.
Oh no, we arrived in grand fashion to the sounds of an airship depot
with voice overs making announcements and such.

The Opening Ceremonies – there was an interactive mystery that carried
through the entire weekend. It began at the Opening ceremony and was
quite interesting to follow. Again, AMAZING job on the sound
engineering for the whole immersion experience! First con I’ve ever
attended that had its own opening credits.

The Grand Ball on Saturday – Oh my. SO many spectacular gowns! Check
out my pics for just some of the highlights. Also, a pivotal scene in
the mystery.

Scarring Party performance on Saturday – Scarring Party are another
band I’ve loved and they were awesome live! Alot of people got out
there dancing to them.

The DJ – Don’t know his name, but he’s one of Eric Larson (the founder
and director of Teslacon) students. He took steamy music and mixed it
for amazing steampunk techno. I told Eric I’d buy the CD if he made

LOTs of fun conversations, meeting new and old friends, great and
interesting panels, etc.

All in all, a wonderful time and the best dressed con I’ve ever
attended. Because it was an immersion con, EVERYONE was wearing some
sort of garb, which led to mucho photo ops.

So without further ado, my photos from Teslacon 2010