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Weekly Summary December 17th

Another active week
I finally floated a short description of The First and there was a bit of discussion about them. Comments were mixed about the need for them.
The FAQ got a few questions answered and a couple more asked. This still needs a lot of work.
I asked if a ship size comparison illustration, showing some historical vessels and aerolyth ships might be worth having and folks said yes to that.
The topic of a peerage for Brunel resurfaced and Torquay was suggested. I like this and we’ll go with that. Baron Brunel of Torquay
One of the FAQs was about gravity on spacecraft. In HQC there is no artificial gravity, except that provided by acceleration, such as in a spinning habitat ring aboard a station or ship
The concept of a flying pickup truck using aerolyth was mentioned and Arun did a quick sketch design, it would be expensive but not out of reach for a really prosperous farmer
A thread about parachutes somehow evolved into one about period songs and has been very active with a number of lyrics being written specific to HQC, so now we have HQC filk!
The effects of weapons being fired from and at aerolyth vessels was discussed with issues of recoil and the ability of fragments to penetrate armor being at issue
From discussion it appears that lizardmen are extremely popular and I should make every effort to find places for them on Earth or Venus
Finally social unrest has raised its ugly head and the poor conditions of the working class may lead to upheaval and revolution!