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Weekly Yahoo Group Summary

The list continues to be extremely active and posts have covered a number of topics.

clomid where can i buy it The discussion of the front cover has begun to center on what sort of beastie is menacing the humans and has spawned several topics concerning scary animals on Venus. Anything that looks like a T-Rex is right out, which is sad since the apex predator on Equatoria is a bipedal crocodilian.

The ships and navigational systems of the Sea Kings have been discussed. The navigational system allows the Sea Kings to travel at night and to cross the deep oceans. Aerolyth may interact with this and cause issues but the devices may also be able to detect aerolyth vessels.

Several threads about small arms have developed including one about grenade launchers for the Sea Kings and another about weapons for the Oonaliss

The populations of the regional human groups in Western Equatoria was discussed, which brought up comments about the low population density on Venus compared to Earth (there are less than 1/4 the number of Venusian Humans compared to Earth Humans in 1890)