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Yahoo Group Weekly Summary

Again another very active week
One of the most important topics was the development of an FAQ for the setting and everything within it. A good list of questions was started, if anyone wishes to take a stab at answering some of them that would be great!
The size of a rifle round needed to hunt various animals was discussed.
The populations of humans and Oonaliss in various locations, including the Europan Oonaliss colony were debated. Venus has about a quarter of the human population of Earth during this period. The Oonaliss colony on Europa may have grown to several billion before they attack in 1920.

buy cialis online overnight delivery The Europans themselves have come under discussion, with our first attempts to determine their social structure and technological levels

The Europans have been linked to widespread use of robotics as understood in OTL. It appears they have been sending robotic probes into the inner solar system for some time, this may mean they have combat robots as well.

Small arms were discussed and the use of Venusian springs became an important sub topic

The development of an RPG campaign became fodder in the club as well with folks throwing ideas for getting the Player characters together for their first adventure

The nuts and bolts of aerolyth aircraft have are getting more detailed. The structure of the panel arrays and even some ideas on how they would be maintained have been proposed. The idea of standardized craft, perhaps pre-built and then shipped to Venus or Mars by mail order has been broached and Arun has drawn up a sketch design.

Arts, both martial and creative in the various human cultures of Venus and Mars have been discussed.

This week has also seen a large number of links presented