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So What makes Hive, Queen and Country different?

Hive, Queen and Country, HQC for short, is a fictional Victorian Era setting. It adds a number of “conceits” to the historical Victorian. This is old hat you say; there are numberless Steampunk or VSF settings on the web and in print. What makes HQC different?

The first thing is participation. I’ve resisted opening up a forum here because before I had this page I had a Yahoo! Group; http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Hivequeen/. This group currently has about 220 members, but is an incredibly rich and active resource. The members come from at least four continents and over a dozen countries. The bring expertise in numerous subjects such as history, science, technology. I might be the edge of the sword here, but they are the muscle that backs the blade. In the 55 months the group has existed over 17,000 messages have built on the HQC setting. This gives the setting far more texture than almost any other fictional universe that doesn’t have a staff of paid writers and major corporate backing. In fact it may outdo some with such support. This participation is different than most published gaming universes. People on the Yahoo! Group ask questions and get answers. They can add their ideas to the mythology, and as is often the case, smack down my worst excesses! If you have ever wanted to help design a universe this is might be the place for you! If you have ever wanted to be the “fly on the wall” of a design session lurking there will meet that desire. The HQC Yahoo group is a place where that happens, a place where you can watch or if you wish you can participate!

This participation leads to a second difference, texture. With so much data and so many threads and conversations the mythology of HQC is already quite extensive, and it grows almost every day. There have been discussions about fashion, food, agriculture, technology, war, social structure, economics and politics. I would be hard pressed to find a topic we haven’t touched on. Game mechanics gets a thorough going over and so does the art and appearance of the items that get published. There are a lot of details here that it would never be economical to publish in traditional books, such as several of the treaties that govern spaceflight and colonization in this fictional universe. They are archived on the Yahoo! Group (and on this website as well). Why? Because depending upon the campaign a referee wishes to run they might become important. It’s a long shot chance that any player, writer or scenario designer will ever need that information, but it is available and helps fix the universe more firmly in the minds of those using it or working within it.

If this interests anyone please apply for membership to the Yahoo! Group. We are a polite and pleasant band of brothers and sisters. Ideas are presented and critiqued. People are treated with respect. I’ve been extremely proud of the folks on the group. In many ways they represent the best of what the ‘net can offer. I am constantly amazed at the information I learn here (often carefully researched and referenced) and in the creative ideas, solutions and situations brought forward. Please if you are interested know that we welcome new ideas and points of view.