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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Better Ornithopter Pictures

So it appears the aerlier pictures weren’t that great. Hopefully these are better.


I’ll be using two paint schemes: One is a more peacetime colour scheme. This will be a light blue over a khaki color with a nose and tail of a solid color by squadron.

The other will be in RAF day fighter color from 1940. Dark Green and Dark Earth over Sky Type S


Terrain for Diecon 12

I have finished most of the terrain for the demonstration game of The Hive and the Flame for Diecon 12 http://www.diecon.com/D12/

The game will take place on that Saturday June 23rd. I will be running the game from morning till night that day. The scenario is based on an aerially mobile British landing in the ruins of the Hive attempting to hold their ground until heavier land units can arrive and consolidate the position.