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A simplier conversion

Someone asked for a photo with 15mm miniatures to show its size. Here are a couple of pictures as requested.

Small Trooper with 15mm Old Glory for scale

Another view for scale. Note the resin cast of a kit bashed steam tank in the background

The conversion of the Aqua Evacs to heavy troop carriers has been a complex build requiring a lot of parts from other kits. I thought I’d show a simpler and much less expensive conversion. This is of a much smaller troop carrier.

Completed small troop carrier

For this conversion I used parts of four kits. For the basic hull I am using an Airfix Buffalo Amphibian in 1:76, a pair of Female WW I tanks (various panels and plates as well as pair of sponsons for weapons), also from Airfix and a 1:72 A-10 for the tail.

Buffalo hull with deck plating from a pair of WW I tanks and the armored cab in place

The Buffalo is a rear ramped tracked amphibious tractor. It has a smoothly curved bow with the driver and commander in a cab. The troop compartment is opened topped. The new vehilce will be a fully enclosed lander with a front mounted ramp.

Construct the Buffalo hull starting on step 3. Do not worrry about steps 1 and 2. The floatation cells and all those raod wheels will go in the parts bin. On step 4 install parts 57 and 58 (the two hatches),

Now take the first WW I tank kit. Build the Female sponsons in steps 1-4. Take part 27 from each of two kits. Glue them side by side. Glue the hatch, part 46 in place as usual. Take parts 25 and 26 and glue them together. Remove the front glacis plate up to where the vertical plate begins. Install hatch cover 45 as normal. Once the pair of parts 27 have set remove the rearmost part of the parts at the last line of rivets.

Glue to combined parts 27 with the plates reversed. The front edge will be glued to the back edge of the Buffalos cab, over the troop compartment. There will be a space about 1/4 inch wide between the ramp and end of the plates. Fill this with sheet plastic. I used an N scale peice from Micro Engineering, which had some nice rivet and panel detail. Install the cab on the left front of the top of the vehicle, with its rear edge glued to the rivet line on the panel.

Side view of vehicle. Note spaces that will need filler. The Female sponson with its twin auto weapons is already in place

Take a piece of tubing or rod. carve it to the contour of what was the front of the Buffalo. This will be the propeller shaft. Over it place the three part A-10 tail. Cut the rudders short and glue the assembly on upside down.

Fill as needed with sheet plastic and Green Stuff putty.


The ship ready for final sanding and detailing


This will give a decent small landing craft. With a few tweaks such as replacing the airscrews with jets or something more high tech will give a good 15mm small grop ship. Other modifications could give a more heavily armed varient. By replacing the Female sponsons with the Male version a larger gun replaces the automatic weapons in this version.

The tube that will house the prop shafts is visible. I think this craft will have coaxial props. I may use clear disks to simulate the rotation, or find good propellers and paint them up

All in all this cost less than 30.00 and took about a day to build. There is very little waste. The WW I tanks are nearly entirely consumed by this conversion and the heavier assault flyers.

If anyone is interested in discussing this build please either join my yahoo group at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Hivequeen/ or on The Miniatures Page http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=269381.

I’d be very happy to trade ideas and techniques.