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Detailing the Assault craft

The sponson in place, with the rocket batteries mounted as well. The darker panel on the deck house is a part from Micro Engineering

Since I started this project I have found additional resources. One of the coolest things I found was a company in the St Louis area called Micro Engineering http://microengineering.com/. Mark Twain Hobbies  http://hobby1.com/store/ stocks and can special order from Micro. In addition to complete kits Micro makes a number of sets of bridge parts http://microengineering.com/products_br.htm. I picked up a selection of girder plates in both HO and N scale.

A closeup showing various deatil parts scavenged and bought for the project

These are highly detailed, very precise and make great “rivetted up” plates for ships. They add great detail for the sides of the deck down and nicely close off a pair of premoulded holes in the aft hull.

Male Sponson from 1/76 scale British WW1 Tank from Airfix. I'll mount a howitzer in place of the 6 pdr. The larger scale of the original makes for a bigger sponson capable of mounting a heavier weapon in 15mm scale.

In addition I started adding the sponsons on the lower hull. These are from the Airfix 1/76 scale WWI Female Tank kit. The Female Tank is a slight rework of the older WW1 Male Tank. The Male kit only includes the male sponsons with 6 pdr guns. The Female kit inlcudes both Male and Female sponsons. For little or no cost the extra parts are well worth it.

The assault ship and the Airfix Kit from which some of the parts were taken


I placed an order for a number of turrets from Gaming Models http://www.gamodls.com/index.htm from Craig. I ordered some A-9 and Bishop turrets from his British WW2 line http://www.gamodls.com/Scripts/British.htm. I’ll cut the barrels down on the Bishops. This will make them look more like howitzers rather than the longer barrelled gun howitzers of the 25 pdrs. The A-9s will be regunned with either Gatling guns or pom pom barrels to give the ships close in defense. Craig does great stuff and produces some of the most reasonably priced and good looking resin models out there in 15mm. He also makes tons of things no one else does, like British early war vehicles.


Here are some pictures of the craft as it gets some additional details. I’ll be priming it up this weekend.