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Heavier ships under construction in the shipyard


cheapest avapro  

Original prototype, this is being reworked, especially the control surfaces


I’ve posted some pictures of the resin cast flappers that Scott Flower remastered for me. Here are some pictures of the heavy landers I’m kit bashing for the British. The basic structure is an old toy from the Disney Atlantis the Lost World: the Aqua Evac submarine. In addition a number of other kits were used. Wings from kits of the Spirit of St Louis in both 1/48th and 1/72 scales became masters for resin cast¬†elevators and rudders. Various turrets and gun mounts will be fitted. I will be using Airfix 1/76 scale MK I Male sponsons on the lower hull and turrets mounting 75mm howitzers from the Peter Pig armoured train and 1 pdr pom poms in converted Humber armoured car turrets. The rocket pods are from 1/87th MLRS units. I also cut off the cabs of the MLRS chassis and used them for the bridge of these ships. Also in 1/87 scale was the Salidin armored car rear engine decking that was used to detail the after upper deck. Various hatches came from H&R’s lines of model ship fittings. The large gears in the drive were from American Science and Surplus. Finally the props are muffin fans from old computers. These will be mounted on stands from Corsec Engineering

More bits and pieces. I am reworking the prototype a bit, notice the former positions of gun mounts and the small machine gun turrets.

Props and drive systems ready for instalation aboard these vessels

Parts is Parts, every construction dockyard exhibits a surprising level of chaos