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More Pictures of Hive, Queen and Country Aerrolyth craft

With the able assistance of my friend Tom I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the airbrush. The flappers have gotten their undersurface colors and I’ve spent the evening masking them for upper surface. We painted up one of the non camo ships, to see what it would like with the two base colors in place.


Non Tactical scheme upper surface, tail and nose will be red or orange



The nose and tail will get their squadron color of either red or orange. These craft are painted to represent a non-tactical scheme of undoped linen beneath an upper surface of light blue with several coats of high gloss dope. The undoped linen is because the undersides tend to take a beating as the craft take off and land.

A Flapper cover the tail and props of an assault ship


A "Little Friend" escorts a "Gladstone".

I’ve also included pictures of the flapper with one of the assault craft. This shows the comparative size of the two craft. I’ve pulled the air-screws off the assault ship so we can give her a good coat of paint this weekend.

Tactially the smaller craft escort the bigger assault craft into the landing zone, trying to keep the flying bugs away from the ships’ rudders and props. The bigger ships are well enough protected to allow the smaller ships to hose them off with rifle caliber machine gun fire.

Both craft are mounted on CorSec Engineering stands.