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Work on the Assault Flyers progresses


As I mentioned I had not been happy with the rudder/elevators before. I had tried to use landing gear legs from R/C aircraft and other buts and pieces. I broke down and scrapped a pair of Spirit of St Louis Ryan aircraft, one in 1/48th and one in 1/72 scale. I took the wings and kit bashed the righ and left together to give me a single streamlined structure that was symmetrical along the center line. This gave me a nice “generic” airfoil for use as rudders or any other surface I might need and the sizes were fairly useful for 15mm aerial gunboats. I sent the masters up to Scott and Wayne in Michigan and quickly the finished goods came back.


In the mean time I had drawn up several different configurations for these surfaces and finally decided upone one I liked. This would use the 1/48 scale wing cut in two pieces and about 1/3 of each of the smaller scale wings. Knowing it would take forever and look crappy to cut them by hand I went off to Harbor Frieght and picked up their two smallest sized chop saws, a 2 inch and a 6 inch. These made short work of the many cuts I had to make.

Three pieces for each tail section, all mastered from Ryan Spirit of St Louis wings

Next I had my wonderful wife stop on the way home from from work at ACS Plastics and get some various sized acrylic sqaure stock for use as gear boxes. I used brass rod in 1/16 and 1/8 sized as axels for the various moving surfaces.

Gear box of acrylic and brass rods

The idea is that the horizontal surface is a single piece As on the F-104 Starfighter) with the control shaft and supports for the verticals running down its axis. The upper vertical is the main rudder and the lower piece (which will attach at its bottom to a support going back to the hull) acts as a rudder and a speed break.

Rudder and Elevators in place

The ship is set for on Corsec Engineering universal stand, with a 5 inch hex base. I inserted a heavy piece of acrylic in the hull to take the anchor and then ran the rod through the existing hole in the lower hull.

Heavy bracing for mounting the Corsec Stand

I “test flew” the ship without its rocket pods, to check the balance on the stand. Just as with any maiden voyage there was some tweeking but the builder’s crew seemed to have no issues.

Rudders in place, time for a trial "flight"


Another shot of the ship during builder's trials

Next I reinstalled the 9.2 inch rocket pods and decided to see what she looked like.



Rocket pods mounted, just waiting for turrets and hull guns and paint!

I’m pretty darned happy so far. What do other folks think?