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FREE Rules for Aerial Combat!

Arun has put together a draft set of airship combat rules available for FREE DOWNLOAD at http://www.we-be-smart.org/~afrodri/HQC_models.html

These are for use with the ships in



Aerial Vessels for the Hive, Queen and Country Universe

                           Authored by               Arun Rodrigues, Terry Sofian
The first technical supplement for the Hive, Queen and Country Universe introduces Victorian Science Fiction Roleplayers and War Gamers to the many aerial vessels of that Universe. Whether in the skies of Earth, Mars or Venus these mighty machines provide swift transport or deadly combat capabilities. Modeled on period publications such as Jane’s or The Naval Annual; Flying Machines of the Worlds features designs for dozens of ships for use in any Steampunk or Victorian Science Fiction setting. In Hive, Queen and Country these are the vessels that patrol the skies of Earth, have fought with the Hives and are now opening the frontiers of Mars and Venus to colonization.