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Monthly Archives: March 2013

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Hive, Queen, and Country is a Victorian Science Fiction (aka “Steampunk”) setting for Role Playing Games, Miniature Games, and fiction. It emphasizes scientific and historical realism, and a rich and complete setting. It can be called a “hard science” background. Although there are a number of “conceits” in terms of scientific breakthroughs and advanced technologies there are no hand waves. Everything added to the universe is carefully designed and works within the existing framework of science.
What is Hive, Queen and Country’s History?
The In-setting History of HQC is much like our own timeline (OTL) – Until the 1800s. At this point several key divergences begin to reshape the world:
– Babbage’s Difference and Analytical engines succeed and the computer revolution joins up with the industrial revolution much earlier. This leads to huge improvements in mathematics, logistics, and manufacturing.
– Aerolyth, a naturally occurring mineral, is discovered. It has anti-gravitational capabilities and is a highly potent rocket fuel. Air travel becomes commonplace, and space travel is not far behind. Soon, Luna, Venus and Mars are explored.
– The exploration of Venus and Mars leads to the shocking discovery that they are already populated by races of humans and mysterious aliens. Earth governments begin to scramble to open up off-world markets and resources and the off-world humans and aliens begin to extend their influence to Earth. In 1892 this leads to the Hive being infiltrated into England.
How will the timeline progress into the future?
The original HQC setting progressed the timeline up to 1892 and focused on the Hive’s invasion of England (The First Hive War).
Subsequent material has added the Second Hive War (1898-1902) set in South America.
Future conflicts and events:
Wars on Venus with the Sea Kings
The Europan Invasion set for 1920 a race of aliens from the Jovian moon Europa will set their sights on the inner solar system. Vast invasion fleets will attack Mars, Earth and Venus with massive planetary assaults. This will move the HQC setting forward technologically and politically
In 1942 a second deep space event will challenge all life in the solar system. The Ghost or Shattered Fleet will arrive. This strange and ancient phenomenon will bring the residents of the Sol system into contact with literally hundreds of alien races.
Game Products
What Hive, Queen and Country products have been published?
The core RPG book is titled Stars of Empire
<a href=”buy antabuse over counter“>Stars of Empire: A Scientific Romance Set During the Victorian Conquest of Space</a>
The Core Rulebook for HQC.
<a href=”buy antabuse online usa“>The Hive and the Flame</a> Miniature gaming rules for HQC
<a href=”buy antabuse online canada“>Flying Machines of the Worlds: 1902</a> The first technical supplement for the Hive, Queen and Country Universe introduces Victorian Science Fiction Role-players and War Gamers to the many aerial vessels of that Universe.
Additionally, Design and combat rules for Flying Machines of the Worlds are available at
Where can I get Hive, Queen and Country miniatures?
We hope to put out specific bug miniatures for use as Hive members. Scott Flower of Gametech Miniatures produced the masters for these several years ago. We have had some difficulty finding a home for the production of these. Perhaps in the future we will have better news.
One company, Objects May Appear… makes a line of custom flying machine minis in multiple scales specifically for The HQC Universe: buy antabuse canada
Several companies make miniatures suitable for gaming with HQC. Many Companies make excellent Colonial Miniatures in nearly every scale currently seen on tabletops. Bug miniatures are a bit harder to come by, but many types and sizes are available from a number of excellent companies
Black Orc Games have The Hive in their 100 Kingdoms setting.
Khurasan Miniatures produces a number of figures that serve very well. Look in their 28mm Sci Fi range for their Arachnian Alien Invertebrates which would make excellent warriors or butchers. They 15mm ranges include a number of alien figures that include giant ants. They also have some minia­tures that make very good drones. The Spearbearer Insectmen and the Mantismen, although they oly have four limbs rather than six or more.
Irregular Miniatures has a line of “spice lice”, which if the guns are removed from the claws are fine for hive members. buy antabuse
Moonfleet Miniatures produce warcrabs that would make good workers mail order antabuse
Ral Partha, now Iron Mind Metals, sculpted some excellent bugs, I’ve used their old insectmen as drones for many years. In addition they produced a number of chitenous warriors in several lines over the years.
In terms of classic figures from the 1970s and 1980s the Reviresco have some useful figures http://can i order antabuse online.
Rebel Miniatures produces a number of alien bug creatures in their 15mm Science Fiction range
Reaper Miniatures has a very board range of figures. In their fantasy ranges are scorpions and beetles which would work well on the game table.
Ral Partha Europe produces a number of arthropod figures that would work well. They also recently announced they will be rereleasing the Demonworld range of 15mm fantasy figures. This range includes large fleas and other insects including a giant dung beetle that will make an excellent tumble bug.
Are any products available in electronic format (PDF)?
Yes!  All of our products are available in electronic format.
What future products are planned
– Venus Supplement (Scheduled for 2013) This will be a Role Playing Game Supplement titled The World Beneath the Clouds. Paul Daly has done an amazing front cover and some great interior art work. We will introduce the cultures, climate and creatures of Venus. We are shooting for an Origins release date
– Ground Vehicles and Artillery of the Worlds (Scheduled for 2013) Arun will be heading efforts on this publication. What is a Steampunk setting without steam powered tanks. In addition to the fiction we’ll be including accurate historical technical data on later Victorian artillery from most of the Great Powers of the period.
– Space Vehicles of the Worlds
– Armies of Venus
– Armies of the Hive Wars
-Armies of Mars
If I want to actively participate in product development how can I?
Join the insanely active Yahoo! Group: cheap antabuse online
HQC benefits from a strong user and development community. If you are an artist, writer, historian, engineer, scientist, or in any way creative, we welcome your input!
* What Hive, Queen and Country fiction has been published?
A number of short stories have been published online – Check the web page. In addition Jon Klement’s short story Cicada Summer was published in Dreams of Steam 2
* How can I write fiction in this universe? Either drop me a line or join the Yahoo! group
Online Resources
* Is there a web page for Hive, Queen and Country? Yes, is your one stop source for all things HQC
* Is there a Hive, Queen and Country mailing list? As mentioned before there is a very active mailing list on Yahoo! cheap antabuse online

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I’ve done some pretty complex steamtank builds. This set is really easy and yields some pretty good results. My builds aren’t finished but will give enough ideas to help others move forward.


I ordered three different types of tanks from Gaming Models: The French Char 2C and Char B bis and finally the Soviet T-35. These were all big tanks for their day and age, although the difference between the Char B and the other two is fairly stunning, considering the Char B was a heavy tank in its time.



Gaming Models generally supplies models full assembled and painted, with the turrets separate so they can be rotated. I requested that they be sent unassembled. The kits are very simple. The tracks are separate from the chassis. The two larger machines have tracks that swap reasonably well. The middle vehicle is the Char 2C chassis with the T-35 tracks. The front turret of the Char 2C has been replaced by a turret from a British Bishop self propelled gun. The 25pdr has been cut short. There is a spot aft for at least one turret and possibly two small ones side by side.

Bellow is an assortment of swaps. The very easiest was the new turret on the Char B bis. In this case I put a British cruiser tank turret. I put the Char 2C main turret and a pair of the smaller mg turrets from that tank on the T-35 hull. It still has two spots after of the main turret, I’m thinking that the vehicle could use a pair of smokestacks. I can also see adding side sponsons, as found on British WW 1 tanks on either of the big machines or smaller ones on the Char B.

Again these are the easiest conversions I’ve done. They are quick and with Gaming Models vehicles retailing for 5.00 each they couldn’t be much cheaper. If you want to upscale things in either sense that is certainly an option. Flames of War makes Mid-war Monsters that include the TOG and the T-35 in 15mm. I’m certain that all three of these vehicles are available in 1/72 scale and 25mm/28mm scales. The conversions should be just as simple, although building larger scale kits will require additional time and effort.