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The Easiest Steamtanks Ever

I’ve done some pretty complex steamtank builds. This set is really easy and yields some pretty good results. My builds aren’t finished but will give enough ideas to help others move forward.


I ordered three different types of tanks from Gaming Models: The French Char 2C and Char B bis and finally the Soviet T-35. These were all big tanks for their day and age, although the difference between the Char B and the other two is fairly stunning, considering the Char B was a heavy tank in its time. http://www.gamodls.com/index.htm






Gaming Models generally supplies models full assembled and painted, with the turrets separate so they can be rotated. I requested that they be sent unassembled. The kits are very simple. The tracks are separate from the chassis. The two larger machines have tracks that swap reasonably well. The middle vehicle is the Char 2C chassis with the T-35 tracks. The front turret of the Char 2C has been replaced by a turret from a British Bishop self propelled gun. The 25pdr has been cut short. There is a spot aft for at least one turret and possibly two small ones side by side.

Bellow is an assortment of swaps. The very easiest was the new turret on the Char B bis. In this case I put a British cruiser tank turret. I put the Char 2C main turret and a pair of the smaller mg turrets from that tank on the T-35 hull. It still has two spots after of the main turret, I’m thinking that the vehicle could use a pair of smokestacks. I can also see adding side sponsons, as found on British WW 1 tanks on either of the big machines or smaller ones on the Char B.

Again these are the easiest conversions I’ve done. They are quick and with Gaming Models vehicles retailing for 5.00 each they couldn’t be much cheaper. If you want to upscale things in either sense that is certainly an option. Flames of War makes Mid-war Monsters that include the TOG and the T-35 in 15mm. I’m certain that all three of these vehicles are available in 1/72 scale and 25mm/28mm scales. The conversions should be just as simple, although building larger scale kits will require additional time and effort.