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Monthly Archives: April 2013

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Our Kickstarter is now live. Help us bring more Steampulp, Steampunk and Victorian Science Fiction goodness to the gaming market!

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I am trying to find anyone that makes Victorian Science Fiction miniatures, vehicles or play aids and add links to their sites on the friends section. I’ve just added some new links, so please check them out!


Friends of HQC

Below are a list of links to groups that are fellow travellers in the worlds of Victorian Science Fiction, great Steampunk resources or just generally amazing sites to visit. please look them over and see if you agree!

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Objects may Appear produces the only line of Hive, Queen and Country aerial ships

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VSF Gaming Resources

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Miniatures Manufacturers


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cheap antabuse some great stuff here

purchase antabuse online growing line of 15mm VSF figures and models huge selction of very reasonably priced 15mm Vehicles decks usable with The Hive and the Flame

where can i purchase antabuse-Combat Wombat Great 15mm Vehicles and Turned Gun Barrels for detailing



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So I am constantly on the lookout for new bugs with which to torment the puny humans of Earth. Cruising around TMP I found Brigade’s 15mm Bug Vehicles

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The Lygan Salvo bug, lacked a picture but seemed like a good choice for a shooter even bigger than the Surpa Major

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I ordered a batch of these

They come as a five part kit. A top and bottom of resin and three pewter orifices. I decided to leave two off and only put on the center one. I’ll probably paint the outer two as eyes.

These retail for 5.50 pounds plus postage. In 15mm these guys are honking huge! Look out British tanks and flyers!


Very nicely down, these will make perfect supra supra major shooters-although they certainly won’t be moving anywhere fast!