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So can you design a Victorian War machine?

If you want to design a machine, get it translated into detailed technical drawings AND a 3D printed model we have a reward level for you in our Kickstarter! Please check it out and sharpen your pencils! For the 200.00 you get at least 40 dollars worth of digital books, the drawings and the 3D model. If we get the second book funded you will see that as a PDF as well!



New art, 3D graphics –Original Victorian Science Fiction Armored Fighting Vehicle, ~8×10 unmatted image Donor picks a vehicle type and gives us some details. We design the vehicle and Arun Rodrigues produces an original piece of artwork. The artwork will be printed in the book and you will get a signed print! In addition the vehicle will be named for you. We will produce a 3D printed model as well, scale to be determined by the size of the vehicle you design. You will also get all three of the existing books Stars of Empire, The Hive and the Flame and Flying Machines of the Worlds 1902 AND ALL books funded by the Kickstarter as downloadable .pdfs. Everyone that funds over 100.00 will have their name displayed in every book funded by this kickstarter.