So if you support the Kickstarter and select a miniatures game run at your house

If you purchase a reward level that includes a miniatures game what would it be?  I will be open to ideas but can give you two choices right now. One will be a British combined arms assault on the Hive in Devon. This will include airborne forces, Ghukas, steam tanks and a zillion angry bugs fighting on the surface of the Hive itself.  The second option will be Teddy Roosevelt and his First Volunteer Mechanized Cavalry defending the San Juan Mission against the alien invaders!  Round lensed glasses, a mustache and Sims Dudley dynamite throwing air guns!  I’ll hang out for eight hours of gaming with you and your crew, dispsense ten copies of various books and generally make trouble for you with your better half. If sponsor for more you can keep the Hive terrain (the Alamo was a gift from my wife, no way that goes out the door) and perhaps a whole lot of bugs!  You have a week or so left. Think about it!  It would be all sorts of fun!