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The whole Hive family, well almost of them anyway


So what has Richard and his merry band of top flight artists been up to? They have been designing over two dozen nasty insectoid creatures. With the magic of 3D printing each of these will be available in both 15mm and 25mm. These minis will be identical, except for size.


So, you say that Steampunk isn’t your thing? That’s Ok-Giant Bugs go with everything! My true 25mm Ral Partha Romans have faced off against a bug horde. Classic Traveller had a mini adventure titled Horde, and Starship Troopers certainly cements the relationship between enormous arthropods and high tech civilizations. THEM! pits World War Two technology against giant ants. It takes a lot of 30-06 or .45 ACP to put down a bug the size of a car, but a bazooka with WP rounds will do the job nicely.


So from Ancient Rome to the far future any battlefield can be spiced up with a swarm of hungry chitenous horrors! In fact if you can find a copy of Metagames Chitin I:The Harvest Wars you don’t even need anything except bugs. It can be hive vs. hive.


Game club night and no ideas? Just throw a human army out and then it’s just like a picnic. The bugs will certainly show up! The good thing (or bad-take your pick) is that bugs just keep coming. They make great solo wargame opponents.