Colonial Barracks III-Gaming meets Hollywood

This year Colonial Barracks had a theme; Game Masters had to tie their scenarios to a movie (I tied mine to three, but you’ll find out about that in a minute.

Almost all the games used variants of the various Larry Brom written rules and periods ran from about 1700 to 1900. Scales were generally 25/28mm but the American Revolution game (based loosely on The Patriot) was done with 40mm semi-rounds and there were a couple of 15mm games and one 6mm game (a first for Colonial Barracks).


Attendance was up from last year (thanks to Super Storm Sandy the east coast folks were thin on the ground in 2012). Several excellent vendors were in attendance as well. I barely had weight in my bags for what I packed so couldn’t buy much of anything but Ral Partha and Castaway Arts were both there as was Nick of Regimental Supply as well as some excellent hand made terrain.



Although this is a small convention (for now) the game masters do not skimp on their terrain or figures.


I have to admit my figures aren’t as nice as most of the others, but I will blame TSA for that, since instead of painting I had to spend my time re-gluing after the Atlanta Massacre. The Alamo from Blue Moon was very well received as were some of the prototype 3D printed tanks from Richard’s Rosa Miniatures. Arun’s TINY 15mm 3D printed artillery garnered some well deserved praise also.

I ran a Hive and the Flame game based on three films: The setting was The Alamo, the defenders were Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders from the film Rough Riders and they faced giant bugs from THEM! (see I told you three films).

The human defenders had five companies of infantry, a quartet of steam tanks and a bunch of artillery (more guns than they had crews for in fact). The bugs had over a hundred major crushers, a couple of units of supra major crushers and a slew of major shooters. The bus entered the table and quickly moved forward using the scattered trees for cover from the artillery fire. One of the supra major crusher units was brought on with out cover and quickly attracted the fire of every artillery unit that was in range. This quickly stripped all the drones off and the supra majors were reduced to a torpid state. The humans had artillery troubles of their own as several short rounds landed among their troops and caused their first casualties. As the insects moved forward they traded fire from their shooters. They however got the short end of the stick as the firepower of the artillery and steam tanks caused far more casualties. The American players used their tanks extremely effectively. They kept their vehicles in range to hit the bugs but too far away for bug fire to be effective and well outside of charge range. The tanks moved backwards and forwards the entire game optimizing their fire and maintaining a safe position.

The bug columns marched forward, taking casualties but getting closer and closer. Three groups made to the walls and over. The group that marched on the low wooden palisade made it over easily and forced the humans back after a bloody round of melee. The defender on the left of the gate fought a spirited defense and killed several but were also forced back. That story repeated itself on the left of the gate as well. A wall of deadly insectoids came sweeping forward on three fronts forcing the puny humans back.


The humans for their part were pushed back but did not route, hauling their wounded with them they reformed in the central plaza and in the smaller open yard before the church. Others abandoned their guns and grabbed up their rifles and began firing down from the building rooftops. At this point the second unit of supra majors lost their last drones and ran amok charging into a unit of major crushers just behind it removing both units from the attack on the humans. This was a critical loss for the aliens as it robbed them of momentum and allowed the defenders to concentrate their fire on the units that had breached their defenses. The courtyards became killing grounds as brutal volleys of point blank rifle and cannon fire cut down the aliens before they could get into melee with their prey.


I’ll leave folks with a gallery of some of the games at the convention.