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Roosevelt Holds in Colombia!-Diecon 14 AAR

Colonel Roosevelt’s command at the San Juan river crossing and mission held firm against extremely heavy alien swarm attacks over the last three days (at Diecon 14 in Collinsville, Illinois).

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I reran the same massive floor game at Diecon that I ran last weekend at Origins. The terrain and scenario were the same. The battlefield consisted of a 20 X 30 foot floor area. It was crossed by the San Juan River (Armorcast resin river from 2 inch to 4 inch wide). The main North to South road is from Hollowed Ground. The mission is Blue Moon’s Alamo and the plantation is Monday Knight Products. The smaller roads and the trees are from Adventure Terrain. The smaller earthworks and emplacements are from Acheson Creations. I can’t recall from whence I got the very nice foam buildings that make up the village of San Juan.

The figures also come from a variety of sources. Many of the bugs are from Rosa Games and Miniatures and represent their continuing work to bring the HQC world into life with 3D printing. Others were hand cast from the old Gametech molds done by Scott Flower. Khurasan Miniatures, as well as Ral Partha were also well represented on the gaming floor.

The Big landers were kit bashed from a variety of sources. The Ornithopters were kit bashed and then Scott Flower made masters and then they were resin cast. Tom Hielsher painted them up so they look so great. The tanks were either kit bashed from Gaming Model’s line of WW2 tanks or were 3D printed by Rosa.

The human troops are from sources such as The Virtual Armchair General’s Spanish American War range. Blue Moon provided the Gurkhas. Old Glory Boxer Rebellion troops. Blue Moon also supplied a number of other figures, including the ones representing Charles and Mrs. Lienengen. Khurasan’s mesoamerican line. The old cannon is also Khurasan. The rest of the artillery is TVAG, OD or Arun’s Objects May Appear Shapeways store. The quad Maxim mounts are Peter Pig WW2 Soviet weapons. I used some Spartan Game AFVs from their Dystopian line for Scientif Artillery mounts.

OK, all that being said what about the action?

The battle in general took on a very similar form to that at Origins. The Bug player again chose to direct their main thrust along the southern flank of the battle area. This allowed the humans to concentrate their forces along this single axis. The humans were able to concentrate their flyers in the area as well and dropped their transported troops and armor there as well. The Bug player was much more effective at screening his heavy units with lighter ones and only suffered two units out of command, rather than the many seen at Origins. There was only a single case of Bug on Bug violence.

Even with that Bug players were unable to get the most out of their forces. By concentrating on the narrow frontage between the Lienengen mansion and the South edge of the play area the bugs allowed the human units to fight a slow grinding withdraw. Their units fell back and fired and occasionally counter-charged, robbing the bug units of their best modifiers for close combat-when they themselves charge.

This was the same type of dogged defense that won the battle at Origins. This weekend it was even more effective. The Bug player concentrated their flyers in close support of their other units and they were very roughly handled by the high volume of fire the human troops were able to put out. The concentration of bug flyers also allowed the human flyers to concentrate, and their massive fire power had disastrous effects on the aliens.

The bugs did send one unit of flyers after the refugees and it caused only two casualties to them before it was wiped out by a company of very angry Gurkhas.

By the middle of Sunday (after  19 hours of play) it was apparent that the bugs were not going break the human lines and would not be reaching the refugee buffet.