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The first day of Action in the San Juan Valley

The Remnants of the Colombian Army had been forced further and further north. All that remained was a troop of the residential Lancers, two companies of Line Infantry, a companyl of Elite Infnatry and a battery of Krupp guns. The guns were well dug in and the the other forces prepared to skirmish forward, as they tried to hold the aliens off from the endless lines of the endless line of helpless refugees.



To the Colombian front was Casa Lienegen, defended by Lienegen and his wife, a large number of his loyal native workers and his ancient muzzle-loading cannon.


To the north lay the village of San Juan and across the San Juan River was the ancient mission itself.


Action started with the Bugs attacking Casa Lienengen. Mr Lienengen was killed when forced to detonate the cannon’s magazine but his wife fought on gamely, killing three Major Bugs in Close Combat before being killed herself. Inspired by the heroic deaths of their leaders the Indians fought on, stubbornly using their primitive weapons to inflict serious casualties on the aliens even a they were forced out of the now burning plantation


The Colombian Army  moved forward to assist them as the Indians fought a skillful and effective fighting withdraw. A charge by the Presidential Lancers slowed the alien advance. The elite bolt action armed infantry caused massive casualties.