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The amazing artwork of my wife Shannon

She is wonderful and talented. At gaming conventions I’m often complemented that Shannon is so “tolerant” to let me spend six days at Origins or three days at Diecon. I smile and say she isn’t “tolerant” she is a participant or a partner! She reads graphic novels, plays role playing games, will occasionally push lead on the gaming table and is learning to paint miniatures as well.

cheap betapace The last builds on her already sharp skills as a water-colorist. It is a great pleasure for me to showcase some of her art here on my web page! I look forward to Shannon doing some of the interior art for the second edition of Stars of Empire. Enough about that, here is her artwork!











She is a talented artists and the most wonderful wife and partner a person could ask for. This is a very small way of saying thanks for everything she brings to our life together.