A Great Bookstore in Atlanta-Atlanta Vintage Books


I love used books and I also really like cats; Atlanta Vintage Books has both! This is a used book store like used book stores should be. It is somewhat chaotic and only organized into fairly broad categories. That being said this store has an amazing selection and very reasonable pricing on most items. My wife and I spend the better part of an hour and half there and if hunger had not driven us to seek lunch might well still be there. Their military history section was huge and stocked with some nice classics as well as some very pleasant surprises. They had a large number of Squadron Signal books as well as several other series. They had really nice sections on civil aviation and maritime topics as well. Their railroad selection was good and they also have a large number of books on The West.

They have a number of friendly cats who roam the store staring at customers and looking longingly out the window at sidewalk pigeons. In addition to the feline staff the store has a very friendly humans as well. It was great to deal with the three people we met. They all love books and enjoy not only selling them but also discussing them. They know their business and have a pretty good idea what is on their shelves, but again a sharp eye can spot some exciting surprises!

This is one of the best bookstores I have had the joy to shop at in some time. It is probably in the top five used book stores I’ve ever been in. This store could hold its own with almost any shop in Hay-on-Wye and that is about the best praise I can lavish on a bookstore! If you are in Atlanta this is a must see stop for any bibliophile.