I went to Gencon for an hour

So I pack everything up Wednesday night and go grab a meal at a local fast food place. I get up early Thursday, stop and top off the tank, get a coffee and a cinnamon roll.

I drive nonstop the four hours from St Peters to Indy and find a parking spot. I’m feeling a bit queasy but put it down to the drive. I head to the restroom and am suddenly very very ill. Hoping this is one of those that hits very quickly and once you get rid of it you get well pretty quickly I drag myself over to the convention center. The nice people in Game Master Badging took mercy on me and cancelled my game for that day, got my badge from Will Call and helped me to first aid. First aid let me hang out for a bit and I tried to get back to the truck and to the hotel. No such luck. I didn’t even make it out of the convention center. I was sitting on a bench and decided laying on the floor would be better. Some nice people that I didn’t see because I was face down got the first aid folks again and a very nice female doctor, who might have been dressed like an elf (I think she had a gold leaf pattern hair band) assisted till they got there. Shawn P from Archon offered to call my wife back home but I had done that already, before I left first aid (THANKS man!). I was rolled back to first aid and laid down while folks tried to figure out what to do with me. While at first I was given evidence that this was not a get sick once and feel better illness as I was very very sick again. After a very brief discussion I consented to an ambulance. They arrived in due course and gave me some lovely anti nausea medicine. Methodist ED was very busy and I was parked in the hallway where the anti nausea medicine wore off with predictable results. I apparently had really irritated the spirits of Indianapolis because I was in the noisiest place in the hospital. Even for an ED there was a LOT of screaming. There was a child who screaming, there was also a women who was noncompliant with her meds and was in extreme pain for a really long time. I spend 11 hours there, and got three units of fluids and more of the lovely anti nausea medicine. My wife and our very good friend Mike arranged to come up and rescue me and the truck, which being stick was a bit on an issue. They finally got me about 1:00 AM Friday morning and we got a couple of hotel rooms half an hour away to get enough rest to drive home safely.


Since I am an EMT and have done first aid and safety at conventions and ren faires for many years it was really different to be on the other side of treatment. The first aid folks did a great job as did the ambulance crew and the ED staff. I really wish to thank the doctor that offered to treat my sorry looking mess I had become on the floor of the convention center. I’ve been that person before and it was nice to have someone come to my aid. If anyone knows who that was please let me know so I can say thanks.