Help Design a huge City

We are fleshing out the vast and intricate details of HQC’s International City on Venus. It is being built between 1895 and 1910, but the design will be generally fleshed out before the first foundations are laid.

The maps of the city-one a street map and the other a basic topographical map, that also shows the location of the fortresses guarding Earth’s Outpost on Venus can be found on my Deviant Art Page
There is also a discussion about the city on The Miniatures Page-
So I put it to the wise, knowledgeable and intelligent members of these various lists: What buildings, features, utilities and other things should adorn this city which has been specifically planned, designed and built to inspire, overawe and represent the very best that the Great Powers of earth have to offer at the end of the 19th Century?
What specific buildings? What specific engineers or architects? In the great park areas what amusements should be present? If the Emperor of France Napoleon IV should visit what amenities will he find in his palace? Which sculptors should be awarded commissions for statuary to grace the broad avenues?
If you wish to help out, if you have ideas please contact me through the Deviant Art page, the TMP page or sign up for the Yahoo! Group