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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Arun’s work on the Land battleship

http://darelhanane.org/our-partners/gateway-medical-alliance-gma/distribution/ Arun and I have been hard at work on the Land Battleship. OK gave him a sketch, he worked it into a great set of detail drawings and this wonderful rendering!

go here This will be one of the dead end technologies of the HQC Universe.

The Land Battleship in all its glory

go to link The Land Battleship in all its glory


Technical drawing of the land battleship

Technical drawing of the land battleship

Vehicle Height 8.6m
Vehicle Body Width9.2m
Vehicle Body Length46.9m (2 articulated segments)
Vehicle Weelbase (Length)51.192m
Vehicle Wheel Track9.172m
Wheel/Track Width1.97m
Vehicle Clearance1.07m
Vehicle Mass1754628kg
Vehicle Height (w/o turrets)5.76m
Vehicle CoG2.57m (total) / 3.02m (sprung)
Critical Tipping angle 61°
Ground Pressure 85kPa (83% of an M1 Tank)
Top2.54cm Steel
Bottom2.54cm Steel
Front11.43cm Steel
Back2.54cm Steel
Inter-segment2.54cm Steel
Left11.43cm Steel
Right11.43cm Steel
SuspensionLightly Damped Macpherson/Christie
Engine 7.6MW Electrical Motor
Power Source 9.5MW Turbine
TransmissionDirect Drive
Crew231 working + 160 carried
Reliability102 km/F
EquipmentWatertight Hull,,Tread Skirts,Toolbox,Commodore’s Flag Bridge
Nav & Sensor1 Aldis Lamp,1 CRF (4m),1 Plotting Board MkII,2 452km Radio
Cargo15147.73kg 30.3m^3
Weapons4 Colt Machine Gun (Coaxial), 16 Colt Machine Gun (Sponson), 16 Colt Machine Gun (bottom), 4 Rapid Fire Gun, 6-pounder, 10 5-inch BL Siege Rifle,
Max Speed
Asphalt , dry6.93m/s 24.95km/hr 15.49mi/hr
Asphalt, wet6.93m/s 24.95km/hr 15.49mi/hr
Dry Sand2.18m/s 7.85km/hr 4.87mi/hr
Clayey Soil2.18m/s 7.85km/hr 4.87mi/hr
Sandy Loam2.18m/s 7.85km/hr 4.87mi/hr
Snow2.15m/s 7.74km/hr 4.81mi/hr
Water Impassable
They were ordered by the czar for use in the steppes of the empire. He wanted to foreign source them to keep there details away from the  zucks. When the hive war broke out the US government was desperate for anything that could be used, so it confiscated the four of these being built.
The new names for them will be for presidents who had been generals
The command center was a Russian requirement but was not used by the us army. That space would be repurposed for something else.
Bottom turrets (Quad MGs) are retractable.