Stars of Empire Second Edition Kickstarter is LIVE!

Since the end of Black Pigeon Press the RPG core rule book has been in limbo. We want to bring it back into the limelight! We also want to publish the Land Vehicles book. We intend upon doing both with a single Kickstarter Campaign.

Arun and I, and many other fine, talented folks, have been hard at work on a new game engine, additional source material and over 100 vehicle designs for the HQC Universe.

So why a Second Edition?

The first edition of Stars of Empire was published by Black Pigeon Press and used their Hacktastic game engine. Unfortunately Black Pigeon Press has closed its doors. Instead of letting the Hive, Queen and Country Universe just die I formed Aerolyth Enterprises LLC and began self publishing. I wanted to circle back and do a second edition of the core RPG rules.
How will the Second Edition be different?
The original edition was 8 by 10 inches and had 286 pages. The new edition will run to 350 pages and be 8.5 by 11 inches. The original was black and white one column per page while the new edition will be in full color with two columns (easing readability considerably). The new game engine is optimized for Victorian adventure and is highly streamlined to speed play and allow for more storytelling. A new and much simpler template for creatures will be provided that allows a referee to easily manage them during game play.
The extra page count will allow us to detail the cultures of this universe in greater depth. A large amount of new material will assist referees in developing their own versions of the worlds we designed. We are including additional artists that will help players and referees visualize the characters, cultures and creatures with which they can interact.
What will your money help us with?
Your funds will help us purchase artwork and editorial services. For stretch goals we will be looking at bringing out the Ground Fighting Machines book in rapid succession. The designs for it are all nearly completed.
How we are Different!The Hive, Queen and Country Universe is a hard Science-Science Fiction setting. First published in 2010 the background has been researched and discussed for over a decade. The detailed Universe has been created by a community of Role Playing and Miniatures Gamers, historians, scientists, engineers, lawyers, rogues, vagabonds, and heroes, Hive, Queen and Country has unprecedented depth and scope, with the flexibility to allow you to set pretty much any sort of campaign your game master and players desire. We present a detailed and fully realized game universe: Steampunk with an emphasis on the Steam-not the punk!