Second Type of Victorian Light Drop Ship


Working with Craig at Gaming Models the second of our kit bashed assault landers is ready! This one started life as a whole lot of things, primarily one of Gaming Models’ Landing Craft Assault miniatures. I added some railway bridge parts, wings off a Ryan Spirit of Saint Louis and a B-25 Mitchel tailplane. It has a mount for a pair of pusher/puller counter rotating props aft.


It will carry a number of troops that debus through a front mounted ramp. Not sure about weapons yet, although a top mounted turret or side mounted hard points might well work.


Just to show you what the other landers we have worked on together look like here is photo with both of them together.


Look for a lomans take the fight to of these guys at Origins and Diecon and a few other cons this summer as the Humans take the fight to The Hive!

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