Air Skiffs from Mad Mecha Guy

I bought a group of 15mm aerial skiffs from Mad Mecha Guy. These kits are laser cut MDF. These are open simple open topped craft that look a lot like vessels one might find in that ancient and distant galaxy on a desert world crewed by a big slug’s henchmen.


Building all five was a decent way to spend a weekend afternoon. This picture shows these models from the top, bottom and side.


The bottom is perfect for an aerolyth array. These craft are going to get a bit of an upgrade. The Hive certainly won’t have any trouble feasting on the crew of such an open vehicle. I will be adding side walls and a top. These are going to become air ambulances for the Hive Wars. Once they are finished you will see them with a Corsec Engineering Omnistand fitting, a coat of glossy white paint and big red crosses. I have two larger Mad Mecha Guy ships to complete as well. I look forward to putting them together.



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