Bugs General Roosevelt, Millions of them!

I have two weekends left before Border Wars. I have much to do. I have to finish all the aerial movement stands (pictures of those will be forthcoming). I think I have all the human troops I’ll be needing for this first convention of 2016 all based flocked and in their transport containers. I’m trying to get enough Bugs to face the human onslaught. One thing that the bugs usually suffer is a lack of ranged combat critters. I’m working hard fill this gap


Hand cast media shooters for The Hive. These are from my designs and Scott Flowers’ original sculpts

In addition the bugs will need a lot of command and control drones. These are Khurasan’s Mantis Men in 15mm. These are really great little sculpts and paint up nicely.


The yellow figures on top are Khurasan’s Mantis Men, The “rolly-polly” looking brown figures are some out of production Gaming Figures Inc. generic bugs.

To increase the Hive’s close in combat power I’ve added a number of units of “trappers” these are like enormous ant lion larva; burried just below the ground they remain hidden until their enemies come to them. These old GFI figures will be Media Trappers. The Supra Major Trappers are getting worked on as well. Wait till folks see what ancient miniatures I have pulled out of the box for them!


Ral Partha Head Hangers from the old Runequest line. Now cast by Iron Wind Enterprises

Finally there are these old Ral Partha Runequest figures. I believe they are Head Hangers. I omitted their trophies and now these will be Supra Major Crushers


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