Hot off the Presses: Ground Vehicles of the Worlds: 1905

We’re proud to announce the release of ‘Ground Vehicles of the Worlds: 1905’ – available in print and electronic formats

The second technical supplement for the Hive, Queen and Country Universe introduces Victorian Science Fiction Roleplayers and War Gamers to the many ground vehicles of that Universe. No other time period is defined by its vehicles like the Victorian Era. From the early motor cars to the continent-wrapping locomotives, this was when humanity broke from muscle power and conquered the planet with steam and steel! This book includes:

  • Dozens of all-new ground vehicles for the Hive, Queen, and Country setting or any other Victorian Sci-Fi environment!
  • The History of the Battle of Panama – the greatest battle between Humanity and the Hive – and other conflicts!
  • Statistics for the Hive, Queen, and Country vehicle combat system!

From the massive landships of the British Empire to the diminutive tankettes of the Russian Czar to exotic Venusian walkers, ‘Ground Vehicles of the Worlds’ has it all! Tanks, tankettes, landships, and walkers for all your steampunk needs!

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